To gather all of the metadata about the artists, albums and songs on our site, we go through the user-maintained music community MusicBrainz. Feel free to read more about MusicBrainz and how you can get involved.

To add an artist or album to our database, you can either email us or you can add the release to the Musicbrainz database yourself. Once added to the database, it will be loaded into our site the next time we update our database.

Here are the steps for adding an artist that is not currently in the MusicBrainz database:
  1. Sign up for a MusicBrainz account or Login if you already have a MusicBrainz account.

  2. Next, go to "edit" (on the top drop down menu) and choose to "add artist" (or you can add other things to their database, like a specific release. Many times, a popular artist will have the release that you are thinking of adding, but we at Rank 'em have not included it for whatever reason. If that is the case, email us and we will add in the release during our next database update).

  3. Then fill in the artists details

  4. Click add release

  5. Add the release details

  6. You're all done!